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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fires from lightning

Yes...sigh...there was more lightning and thunder today.  I don't EVER remember a September this wet!  And, I've lived here now for 34 years.  I should have run out and bought my wildflower seeds and thrown them out front, but I didn't.  The rains always make them sprout, so I guess I've missed my chance.  Anyway, our local paper ran these photos of a lightning strike which caused a fire here in town on Tuesday. *** NOT MY PHOTOS ***


lisa said...

Mother nature this year is making sure we know that she is still in power!

Chloe said...

hey love your blog having only just discovered it. Eek lightening strikes dont sound fun, make me feel a bit better in my neck of the woods where its always to damp to catch fire and the rare lightening is not the least bit impressive.

anyway check out my blog and my wild horses to