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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Looking forward to the weekend and some HORSE time!!!

Well, only two more days of school this week and then a 3-day weekend! Yippie! I FINALLY learned every student's name yesterday! Phew! It usually takes me 3 days! And, with 28 students, I'm surprised that I learned them all. Some people have a knack with names...I don't. I have to hear it over and over. Not surprising, it's the "behavior issues" that you learn RIGHT AWAY (hehehehehe!) It's the quiet ones that take longer, because you aren't yelling at them all day every day! HA! Anyway, they do seem like a nice bunch. We are busy, busy, busy working to learn our California standards while the threat of a 6% pay cut looms. Oh, joy! Anyway, I can't WAIT for some "horse time" and I have a friend coming up with me this weekend because she needs some "horse time", too! She wants to brush, and love, and snuggle! And, with 5 horses, that's plenty of brushing, loving, and snuggling!!!! (tee hee!) So, Susan, we'll get together THIS WEEKEND!

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Kate said...

Too bad we don't live closer, I'd help you. Grooming is my most favorite zen-y thing to do!