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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Jury duty and sunrise

I've had jury duty for the last two days and it was an interesting experience. First of all, I'd never been called into jury duty when there were SO MANY others called in! The jury room was packed! Turns out, there were 3 major trials selecting juries at the same time and over 300 people were there! Yesterday morning there was NO parking in the county lot, and we aren't allowed to park in the "county employee" parking, or if jurors did, they got a $44 parking citation! So, most of us had to park out on the street. I had to park 3 blocks away and walk! But, the good thing was that I had time to grab my camera in the morning and head out to take some early morning pics, which I'll also do today! I stopped at the Marriott Desert Springs yesterday morning to take these photos. Those are cattle egrets and there were over 20 of them! I tried to snap a couple of shots so that you could see their wings unfolded. The large one was chasing off every other egret that came close to him! He really was quite entertaining! The Marriott is an official bird sanctuary, and since they have several ponds and waterfalls, migratory birds frequently stop there to rest. A flock of Canadian geese flew overhead while I was there, honking away, and landing on another pond.


Gail said...

Beautiful, ALMOST makes jury duty worthwhile.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

My mother is constantly being called into Jury Duty and she has both hypertension and heart disease. If she had to walk three blocks, she'd die. I feel so bad for her, because every time she gets called in to Jury Duty, she has to make a doctor's appointment to get an excuse. It would be nice if one excuse is enough, because heart disease is one of those things you don't recover from.