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Monday, August 25, 2008

More BLM mustangs Ridgecrest

These are more pics of the Ridgecrest BLM horses. They were taken in spring of 2007. Look at the color on these mustangs! Aren't they hard to resist? I wish they weren't so far away (over 3 hours)...way up on 395, on the way to Lone Pine, Independence, and Bishop! We always stop by and feed the horses carrots when we are driving up north. The BLM does do weekend adoptions in different areas, but we haven't been able to attend one of those yet. We were on vacation in Arizona when they had one down in Norco this month. My friend, Barbara, who comes over and works with Scout, has fallen in love with mustangs! She might be a trainer for a yearling next summer! HA! I know her. She won't be able to part with that horse!

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the7msn said...

My burro George is from the Ridgecrest facility - the scenery there doesn't look all that different than his new home in New Mexico...give or take a couple hundred mustangs!