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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Whitewater Preserve visit

Now that we are both retired, except for babysitting duty, hubby and I have pretty much our time to ourselves.  So, yesterday we headed up to the Whitewater Rock & Supply Co to buy some rocks for the grandson's rock collection 2nd grade project.  I found some obsidian, limestone, green quartz, and a rock from Baja, CA.  I even got to ride around in their golf cart because the limestone was WAY far away!

After that, since we were in the area, we headed up to the Whitewater Preserve, which is part of the Wildlands Conservacy.  The Whitewater River was running quite a bit, but the road was open.  It often runs over the road and at times closes it, but not yesterday.

After the crowds of Labor Day, the preserve was nearly completely empty yesterday.  Thank goodness!  Phew!  We LOVED the quietness.  No dogs, no screaming was heaven!

We both wandered around and took our time taking photos.  The sycamores haven't started turning their leaves to fall colors yet, but a ranger said they are shedding so much, they have to clean out the pools now on a daily basis.  We usually go up there late November, early December and by then, the leaves are gorgeous.

Here are a few photos from yesterday: (more to come...)

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