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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Water~Lots of water!

Just 30 minutes from our home is the Whitewater Preserve, which is part of the Wildlands Conservacy.  They also have some acreage up by Oak Glen, but that will be another trip.  On Tuesday hubby and I drove up to Whitewater.

It was eerily quiet, especially after the Labor Day weekend.  One of the rangers said that weekend was ... chaos.  I can imagine...every picnic table filled, kids running around and screaming...Ugh.  No thanks!

We had the place nearly to ourselves and it was delightful!  I especially enjoyed being able to walk around and take photos of all the ponds there.

 This is the pond right next to the ranger station.  It's a very NICE ranger station!
 Looking out down one of the bigger ponds...
 Quietness!  Ahhhhhh!
 Bubbles in the water from the mini waterfall!
A single leaf floating on one of the ponds.

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Denise inVA said...

Gorgeous scenery and how lovely that it is so quiet :)