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Monday, September 19, 2016

Accident with Gigondas

Horse accident

So, I went up to the horse ranch yesterday and got 3 horses out for exercise.  I didn't even try with my gelding, Sunni, due to the er..."breezy" conditions.  Rattling leaves would have spooked him in a second.

I took Quad up to the round pen, Scout down to the arena, and I moved Gigondas into Quad's super large corral.  Then I aimlessly wandered around doing chores:  cleaning water troughs, brushing Gigondas, putting pellets away.

I took Scout back to her pen, then it was Gigo's turn to go from Quad's corral to her own, which is only about 21 feet away.  She led fine, but the gate was at an odd angle and I had to make a right turn to get her into her corral.  I should have just stopped and moved the manure buckets which were in the way.  Did I stop to do that?  Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

The result of which was this:  She spooked and slammed into me.  I went face down into the hard dirt of her corral.  FORTUNATELY she didn't jump over me, possibly decapitating me!  She stood where she was (I think she knew I was hurt).  My hands were shaking, but I was still holding her and the lead rope because I didn't shut the gate.  I was dazed and I remember thinking, "This is IT!" I was too shaken to even try to get up.

Then I saw her right front leg go up, meaning she WAS going to walk over me, so I swung the lead rope at her, let it go, screamed "NO!" at her,  and she moved to the far corner of her corral and stood until I could SLOWLY get up.  She never tried to get out, fortunately, because I wouldn't have been able to catch her and the ranch gate was open.  I don't think she wanted to deal with the gate, like it was.

Anyway, I now have two cut fingers, a sore shoulder, but my ankle is the worst.  It is THROBBING.  It isn't broken and I can hobble around on it, but it HURTS LIKE $%##. I took an Advil yesterday and I'm just going to stay in and rest today.

Monday morning update:  My shoulder has recovered.  My right hand still has two fingers with scrapes and I have a HUGE scrape on my right elbow.  My ankle is still swollen and sore.  I'm hoping 1 more day of rest will help.

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Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Sounds like it was a doozy of a fall -- one where you keep finding injuries days later. That's what happened when I broke my arm. I thought I just scraped my knee, but then someone pointed out that my bone was sticking out the back of my arm. Shock does that to you. I've been having a lot of company visiting lately, and it's been so hard to get the horse chores done and cook and clean for guests and entertain guests... so I've been taking shortcuts with the horses, and everything that can possibly go wrong does. Last night my company was pulling into the driveway while I was trying to hold an ice pack to Bombay's head where somebody kicked him. Because I used a carrot to lure him into a stall, all the other horses were crowded around being pushy. Right then, the hose flew out of a water trough and sprayed all of us. All four horses took off in a stampede and I had to scream and throw the ice pack around to keep them from trampling me. I was soaking wet and in a pretty bad mood by the time I got to the house. I told myself I would not allow anymore guests to visit, and then the phone rang the second I walked in and it was someone else announcing that they were coming to visit in a few weeks. I literally could not entertain the guest I had at that moment because other guests were planning with me when to come. Apparently, my house is vacation central. I've decided that I'm just going to do my normal routine and stay safe and not worry about entertaining guests anymore. They are on their own. Sorry about your pain.