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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Summer's end...sigh...

I only have 1 more week of summer vacation.  Some of my colleagues are actually going to training next week.  I opted to avoid it. It's voluntary, anyway.  I went last summer and out of $1,000 gross pay for 5 days, I only cleared $475.00 (which I used to buy my Vitamix)...So, this summer I decided my freedom was worth more than $475.00!!!

I really didn't accomplish ANYTHING at all with the herd this summer.  I learned that Lucille has Cushing's disease (confirmed by a $200 blood test). She will go off the alfalfa and go on pellets.  She's over 20 years old and I honestly don't know how long she will hold up.

Lucille getting her teeth done this summer.  She had been neglected for YEARS.  I bought her last year from the ranch owner as the boarder who owned her basically just walked away and left her.  She is a very kind and gentle mare...

 Scout is still...Scout ...sigh...Sunni and Quad and Gigondas are all doing well.  Gigondas has actually calmed down and now trusts me and we go for nice walks. But other than them all getting their shots and Lucille and Scout getting their teeth done, I accomplished NADA with them.  I only got them out into the arena a few times as it was either TOO HOT or it was RAINING up there.  I should go up there today, but I'm exhausted from yesterday.  That's pretty much how it is.  It is a 45 minute drive up and back and if I don't get up there before 9:00 A.M., it's too hot too fast to get anything done.  Then, when I'm up there, I think of all the things I SHOULD be doing at home, and I get anxious to return home.  OYE VEI!

I miss having a trainer come once a week and work with them and I may look for a new one this fall.  They really did so much better with somebody CONSISTENTLY working with him.  It's hit or miss with me.  Some weekends I'm too exhausted to even THINK about driving up there.  And, I don't have any friends down here anymore who can help me.  I used to have a couple of friends who would drive up with me, but one gal moved away and the other one doesn't have time anymore.  A third friend also moved out of the valley, so I have NO HELP with the horses.

So, I have one week before I have to return to school and I've accomplished NOTHING again this summer.  I DID babysit twice a week with the grandson and 8 month old granddaughter, so that also took up my time.  I'm glad, however, I did spend time with them, as they may be moving up to near Fresno this fall.

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sandy said...

darn, i would love to help if i lived near you - i have way too much time on my hands at times and i crave something to do.