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Friday, August 28, 2015

Moving forward

With every loss of a horse, I sit down and TRY to have a new perspective.  I lost Beauty in 2009, Cali in 2012, and now Lucille, in 2015.  I now have 4 horses.  I will NOT be getting another one.  I also need to think about my retirement (and hubby's).  And, yes, it IS easier to manage 4 than 5, although Lucille was the most gentle.  She really didn't require anything besides a good grooming and a tail trim and a turnout to roll in the dirt.  She really WAS the perfect horse for me.  But, with her physical ailments, it just wasn't fair to her to continue her suffering.  I miss you, sweet Lucille!

So, what now?  Well, after only 5 days of school, I came home Wednesday with a HORRIFIC headache, chest pains, and general uneasiness.  I collapsed on the couch and by Thursday morning, I was hit with a HORRIBLE stomach virus.  I spent the entire day running to the bathroom every 15 minutes.  My entire system emptied out.  I didn't vomit (it was the OTHER end...).  I tried to take in as much liquid as I was losing and hubby brought me some hot chicken soup with rice, which seems to have done the trick!  I was able to sleep all night without having to get up and RUN to the bathroom! I'm wiped out today, so I took another sick day at school.  HA!  Don't want the little "angels" to get this (even though I'm pretty sure I got it from them!).  I had one boy throw up Wednesday morning and another one had a BAD stomach ache that afternoon, so SOMETHING indeed is going around school... ALREADY!  So, now I've used 2 out of my 10 sick days for the year and I didn't even get through the first month of school!  Our daughter is on day 17 of a HORRIBLE head cold and she is miserable, too.  And, our granddaughter has PINK EYE!  OYE VEI!

I'm staying inside today as it will be 112 degrees here.  I'll do some stuff on my laptop, watch a couple of movies, and take a couple of naps.

Take care and DON'T GET SICK!
~Cheryl Ann~


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

It makes sense that so many people would get sick in the first few weeks of school. The stress of a change in routine (new teacher/students...) would lower the immune systems and make everyone susceptible to whatever virus is lurking. I hope you feel better. I liked that your horses were kind to you in the previous post. They definitely feel what we feel.

sandy said...

I'm assuming your better now and back to teaching - have a good week. Love to look at your horse photos. We use to walk a trail called "Thompson Creek" in Laverne and along the way I would always visit with the horses. Also in our own area in Alta Loma we always walked the bridle trails and so many horses would greet us. I know u must miss Lucille.