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Friday, April 24, 2015

Our mountains and desert got RAIN!

YES!  Can you believe it?  We got RAIN in our local mountains and it even poured in some spots here in the desert yesterday!  And, the higher elevations got SNOW!  Whoopie!  California needs all the rain it can get, so the rain yesterday was a welcome relief.  In fact, I could see how dark it was over the mountains yesterday from school, so I left right on time, headed home, dumped my school bag, and grabbed both cameras.  I've had a bad connection between the lens and my camera, but hubby cleaned it out with canned air over the weekend and it worked without a hitch yesterday!  I took my Nikon, as backup, just in case!

And, the air smelled so DELICIOUS!  Oh, boy!  That was just what I needed~an afternoon driving up the mountain road, taking photos, looking out over the desert, and smelling the air!  It was delightful!  The only problem was that all the rain on the hillsides knocked down rocks and a few boulders!  I saw plenty of them on my way up, and on my way down, a California Highway Patrol officer was removing some of them BY HAND!  ACK!  I'm sure he called for a Cal Trans truck with the snow plow on the front of it, but I didn't see one.  Oh, and our mountains above 6,000 feet got... SNOW!

I didn't see any bighorn sheep, but I might on Saturday are some photos from yesterday afternoon.

 This is looking down toward Palm Desert.
 Yes!  That is the twisting road I have to take to visit the horses.  It gets worse.  It's a very narrow, two-lane "highway", if you can call it that.  It has very few turnouts.
 RAIN!  Wonderful RAIN!
 LOTS and LOTS of rain!  These downpours move quickly across the mountains and the desert floor, but boy, can they deliver a lot of water at one time!
View looking down Deep Canyon, which is parallel to the winding mountain road.

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Nuzzling Muzzles said...

From this angle, that mountain looks quite steep. I'm smelling rain in the air this morning over here. Maybe it's the same system. I haven't been watching the forecasts because we've had nothing but sun this past month.