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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Road trip

Hubby and I are on a road trip through the Sierras and Internet access is very spotty. I've also learned that dial up Internet providers DO NOT allow for posting huge photos! (lesson learned the hard way!)...I tried to upload photos a couple of nights ago and I just wasn't able to, so I'm not going to post photos until we get back home...sigh...We are staying in Mammoth for a few days, then down to Bishop for a few more days. Hopefully by the time we get to Bishop, we'll have better Internet service. It is absolutely breathtaking up here in Mammoth. Mammoth Village is pretty much still closed down due to the heavy snowfall and you cannot drive any further on that road. The Sierras are covered with snow. They just received more snow about 2 weekends ago and even at the resort where we are staying, roads are still closed further up into the mountains. There is snow right outside our cabin along with bluejays, chipmunks, and we received a stern warning about leaving food in our car due to BEARS! ACK! Today we are heading out to Mono Lake late this afternoon to try to get some photos of the full moon over the lake tonight. There is so much to see and do...we are wearing ourselves out each day! Plus, being at 7500 feet is a strain on our bodies because we live at 220 feet above sea level! I was able to get online down at the resort office for a few minutes today and get a hot cup of coffee. Well, time to run! More later...
Cheryl Ann


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sounds like a busy but fun time. Amazing that they are still getting snow there. We're above 7,000 ft here, but only got about 2% of our normal snowfall all winter. It's crazy how dry we are here without any rain for 11 months and hardly any snow during the winter. Everything is dry, brown and dusty. There are fires all over New Mexico. We need rain badly.

Have a fun road trip!


Barb said...

Oh, I'd love to try the full-moon-over-Mono-Lake shoot!!! I hope you get some great shots. Look forward to seeing them on your blog when you get back.