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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Gigondas and Scout

Well, I worked both Gigondas and Scout today. They are the two most difficult ones. Sunny is easy. He's a good boy and wants to please. Cali is easy going. Beauty is calm. Scout is...the challenge. Her little wheels in her head are ALWAYS going and she's usually 2 steps ahead of me. I have to constantly be aware of her and where she is and what she is doing. She is very curious, though, and she has never tried to bite (unlike Cali!)...

Anyway, Dad had Gigondas down in the arena today and I worked her with the long rope. She still doesn't like to do anything but run full out and I need to keep working with her on "walk", but she's getting it! YEAH! Finally! Scout, on the other hand, is a HANDFUL! She wants to go where SHE wants to go and if you are in the way, TOO BAD! I did manage to get her up to the round pen and TRY to work her today, but the neighbor's two dogs were barking loudly and she just stopped and threw deadly glances their way, so I decided to not press my luck! Some other time, Scout! I managed to get her back into the corral without her bolting and running off (phew)! She is emerging as the herd leader and she really wanted to get back to "HER herd"!
The first 3 photos are Gigondas. Scout is in the bottom one. Dad and Gigondas like to stop and visit "the herd". We have Gigondas in her own corral and pen because she was beating up on Scout and we decided to separate them.

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