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Friday, October 9, 2020

What I've learned from watching birds

 I used to have my laptop next to my window in the craft room.  Unfortunately, due to the poor reception there, I've had to take it and move it out into the living room.   I'm going to have to rearrange some furniture so that I can sit next to that huge window and be able to look out into our front yard, so that will take a couple of days.

Anyway, during my window sitting time and time spent gazing out of my craft room window (formerly our daughter's bedroom and it is still painted a deep shade of forest green), I've learned a few things about birds.

First, birds are NOT STUPID.   They've been on this planet millions of years longer than we have.

Second, birds have an early warning system built in against predators (yes, that includes other birds).   If one bird takes flight (PANICKED FLIGHT)...they ALL do.   I assume that is a survival mechanism.   The roadrunner was out front this morning when ALL the doves and sparrows and finches took flight and she, too, disappeared.

Third, birds have very light sensitive eyes.   If' I'm at my desk and I even move a muscle, they spot it and take off. The roadrunner is getting used to me and I move VERY SLOWLY if I spot her.   But the doves...nope...they don't want any part of me.

Fourth, don't let them fool you.   Roadrunners CAN move at lightning speed.   I've seen this one CATCH and batter and eat 2 sparrows that she caught.   Yesterday afternoon she lunged at some on the ground, but those got away.   It really IS survival of the fittest.

Fifth, I don't have a photograph of her.  Our windows are 30 years old and I need to get out and wash them, so no photos (yet)...She really is quite colorful and I'm HOPING I'll get one of her soon.  Hubby, who grew up down here, says this one is a female because she isn't brightly colored enough.

60 degrees outside this morning.   We have 3 more days of double digit temps, then next week we are back up in the 100's....sigh...

That's all for now.

Stay safe and stay healthy.

Cheryl Ann

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