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Saturday, November 30, 2019

A changing of the seasons

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it's time to take down the fall decorations and put up the Christmas ones.  First, however, I have to find them out in the garage.   Since our rain is over (for now), this would be a good morning to put on my shoes and go out there and rummage around.  Our two male outdoor cats sleep out there, huddled together.   One is over 15 years old (our daughter brought him to us when a family at her school had to move and couldn't take "Mr. Gray" with them), and the other one is only about 6.   But, they do sleep together to keep warm!   I made them a box with a blanket in it, but they prefer the garage.   Don't worry...they have cat beds out there and an old chair to sleep on!

Our mountains are COVERED with snow!!!!   Even Joshua Tree National Park got snow, and it got more than a dusting!   I'll try to find more photos as they are posted on Facebook, but this one is especially pretty (below):   WOWZA!   We certainly didn't have that much snow last winter!

And, this morning it is 35 degrees on our front porch.   I'm going to have to cover up the bougainvillas tonight, for sure.

I did venture out to the post office yesterday to mail some bills.   Traffic was...a nightmare.  I stopped by Sam's Club to buy gas, but they had their gas station all taped off and it was... CLOSED.   I'm going to HAVE to buy gas today somewhere.

Until next time...
Cheryl Ann

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