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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Sunflowers as tall as the sky!

I bought some sunflower seeds and planted them during my winter break.  They are now tall and gorgeous!

I did, however, have a problem for a while.  I would go out in the morning and find dead little ones carelessly tossed about!  SAY WHAT?  SOMETHING was eating them!  It was cutting them off at the base and just leaving them to die.  How heartless!

So, one morning, as I opened the gate, I saw them moving.  SOMETHING was in the middle of them.  I froze and was a HUGE RAT!  EGADS!  After I screamed at it, I put out a TOM CAT rat trap (the one with the plastic jaws).  And, several days later, hmmmm.....I noticed the trap was GONE!  Where did it go?  I looked and looked and didn't see it anywhere, so off to school I went.

That night, hubby said, "Did you put a rat trap out front?"  Well, DUH...yes, I did!  Anyway, HE found it and the rat out in the middle of the street!  We have no idea how it got there, except that maybe a passing dog or cat took it out there?

So, after the demise of the rat, my sunflowers thrived.  One is about 8' tall and towers over all the others.  And, the flowers out front aren't being eaten, either!   :-)

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