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Saturday, May 9, 2015


Well, one of the kittens (now almost fully grown) got out yesterday morning.  They were screaming for their breakfast and I'd gone out front to feed the birds, but I had to get the birdseed from my car, so I did that first.  I did feed two of them, but I went back later to add some dry food, since they were completely out.  SOMEHOW the little tabby one GOT OUT!  I never saw him escape, but he did.  Soon, I was counting only one nose (and it was black & white!)


I immediately put the dog inside and told hubby.  Sure enough, he was prowling around the porch (loose).  Now, remember, I have a neighbor who wants to KILL THEM if she can trap them!  So, I worried all day yesterday at school.  Hubby sent me a couple of messages and told me that he was terrorizing the birds! And, he was hanging around.  That's a good sign, right?  By late that afternoon, he was still in our yard, and at one point, while I was checking into Facebook, he was out in the front yard.  He comes and goes now through the wrought iron fence separating the two yards.  I did put food out for him last night and this morning, he was screaming for food, so I put more out.  I saw him eat it and I put bowls of water out, but he is really on his own.  There is no way I can capture him.  He does come up to the cat house and "talk" to his sibling quite often.  So, I hoping and PRAYING that he will stay in our yard, where it is safe, and not venture into our neighbor's yard!  He has plenty of food, his sibling is in the cage, and there are plenty of birds to watch!  So, please send positive thoughts my way.  He's going to need all the help he can get!  The other two male cats aren't interested in him, but Ripley, my dog, does like to chase him back into the back yard.  She is now prevented from getting back there to harass him, so she's banished to the front!

WHO would want to harm this cute kitten?  Beautiful face, eh?  He's prowling around the yard somewhere right now!   :-(

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