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Thursday, February 26, 2015

A dose of reality

I had to take off work 3 days this week.  I came down with a sore throat on Saturday and by Sunday I knew I was in trouble.  So, Monday I went to urgent care and got a note to stay home and REST for 3 days.

I wasn't real happy about this.  I'm getting docked $125 a day since I'm OUT of sick days already for the year.  If I'm out again, I'll HAVE to return to urgent care and get a doctor's note AGAIN.  And, it's 5 weeks until Spring break, and then another 6 weeks until the Memorial Day 3 day weekend.  Ugh.  I probably will be out sick again.

Look, I'm stuck in a windowless classroom with 26 kids.  If one is sick, we ALL get sick.  I prop the only door open whenever I can, I wash down their desks with On Guard (an antibacterial, antiviral essential oil), and I make them wash their hands, but still, when one of them coughs in my face, I'm toast.  And, that's what happened last week.  One of my girls had a HORRIBLE cough.  She could barely stay awake.  I sent her to the office, but she had no fever (I had a fever!) she wasn't sent home.  I told her to stay home the next day and REST and she did, but she was back the day after that, coughing right in my face.  That was it.  I KNEW I'd get sick, and I did.  So, I had to use 3 UNPAID days to get to the urgent care and get checked.  I had a fever and a sore throat.  And, I'll probably get sick again before long...sigh...

Anyway, while I was home, I noticed that my left leg is very sore (my hip) and now my ankle.  That makes me think my days of getting on a horse are OVER.  Even getting on Lucille...she's a LONG way from the ground.  I cannot even think about falling off a horse again.

I'm going to have to pare down the herd. I'm going to retire in 2 years and I CANNOT keep 5 horses! Anybody interested in Scout?  I'll NEVER be able to ride her...she's too ALPHA for me.  She IS saddle broke, but she's never been ridden.  Please let me know if you can provide a GOOD HOME for her.  She deserves it and honestly, I just keep her in a corral.

Thank you.
Cheryl Ann
 Scout being led quietly by my trainer last summer.
Scout knows all the gaits.  She would make a GREAT barrel racer!  She's short, compact, and those legs and MOVE!


Katharine Swan said...

I'm sorry and I hope you feel better soon. If I were you I'd use something stronger than On Guard -- I'd wipe down their desks with Clorox wipes if I were you. Normally I don't use anything that strong either, but if it saves you $125 a day it'd be worth it.

It sounds like finding homes for some of the horses is a good idea. Five horses means a lot of responsibility!

Cheryl Ann said...

Clorox wipes are just too strong for me as I have chronic bronchitis. That's why I use essential oils. Much gentler, but effective in killing germs.