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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Winter is definitely HERE!

You know, living here in the desert by Palm Springs, DOES have its advantages.  This is where "snowbirds" come for the winter.  We haven't had bad freezes for a couple of years and last winter was very mild, but last night it was 39 degrees and we are heading into a frost warning the next couple of nights.  That means the farmers down valley will have to either flood the citrus groves or light hay fires (which contribute to air pollution).  I probably should take a drive down there one morning...

Anyway, I covered up my lone lemon tree last night just in case.  Our daughter's lemon tree yielded two FULL shopping bags of lemons.  She wanted to pick them all before the frost.  Since they live further down the valley (toward the Salton Sea) than we do, the cold air sinks down toward them, and especially my school.  Sometimes I don't need a jacket here at home, but by the time I get to my school, I'm shivering.  Yes, there is that much of a difference!

Our son turns 35 today (WHERE did the time go?) and we're taking him out to dinner at Kobe, in Rancho Mirage, tonight.  The grandson will get a kick out of feeding the koi there in the pond! :-)

MAYBE hubby and I will get out today.  Frankly, he just likes to sit in his chair with his laptop and turn on the portable heater, right next to his legs.  Poor guy.  He played basketball in high school and his legs and knees hurt...

Photos are from our last storm a couple of weeks ago...This next storm should bring snow down to 2,000 feet!  OYE!

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Nuzzling Muzzles said...

We've got a fancy space heater that is a fake fireplace, and we are using it regularly this winter for the first time since moving in.