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Monday, December 29, 2014

Horse visit

I drove up to the horses today, leaving home around 9:30 this morning.  I find that I just can't get going much earlier than that these days!  Call it laziness, call it old age, call it fatigue...I don't know what it is!  I still awake early, but nowadays I just prefer to sit at my window and watch the birds outside.  I guess I'm getting OLD!  I'll be 63 in February.  I haven't been sick (...knock on wood...)and my bronchitis isn't back...I'm just...well, WORN OUT!  29 years of teaching have done me in!

Anyway, I mustered up enough energy to haul my sorry #$$ out to the car and to get going.  Had a nice visit with the horses, except that Quad has now eaten over half of Sunni's tail!  And, he lays in his urine for a nap!  (Quad, that is...)  I didn't take any of them out as the ranch owners were gone again...sigh...maybe next week.  I still have ANOTHER full week of vacation before I have to go back to school, but we are scheduled to have an Arctic storm come swooping in tomorrow or tomorrow night and drop SNOW down to 2,000 feet!  YIKES!  I wanted to make sure all the horses had plenty of pellets (they did...) and when I got home, I ran out and bought dog and cat food, too!  Don't want THEM without food.

Oh, and RIPLEY (our lab) ate Grandpa's homemade lemon cookies!  ALL OF THEM!  Gone! Poof~
she doesn't even feel guilty about it!  I made her wear a sign today that said, "I ATE ALL OF GRANDPA'S COOKIES"!!!  She could care less.  Heck, she's eaten a WHOLE pumpkin pie, my breakfast muffins, chocolate cookies, and she even found a container of Chinese coleslaw!  Apparently she didn't like that!  She constantly knocks the trash can over, so we now have a trash can with a foot thing and a cover!  BAD DOG!

 Look how DIRTY Quad is...oh, well...
Doesn't Sunni look sad because he lost over HALF his tail????????  (He could care less...)

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Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I feel your pain about the dog getting into the trash can. We bought one with a lock on the cover, and every time we step outside for even one minute, we have to run back inside to make sure the trash can is locked. It's become a ritual.