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Saturday, April 12, 2014

More pics of the little guy!!!

Well, I made it up to the horses this morning, but I only lasted 1 hour.  I've had a cold virus since last week (I missed 2 days of school) and it just WIPED. ME. OUT.  I straggled to school this past week, but by Wednesday, I was completely exhausted and had a horrible headache.  Each afternoon, I'd drive home and take a nap.

I wanted to see how the little colt was doing.  He's in the corral next to Sunni, with his mother, and I wanted to see him before he got too big.  He's still ALL LEGS.  He almost came up to me, but then decided he'd go have another sip of breakfast instead!  Apparently Sunni is the "babysitter".  Mom allows him to put his head over the fence between them and watch the little guy!   :-)

I wish I'd had more energy.  I didn't really do much this morning, just gave everybody a couple of scoops of pellets and their psyllium.  The farrier will be up shortly to give them a trim, but I DO have a 3 day weekend next weekend!   :-)  YEAH!

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Cheryl Ann said...

Isn't he ADORABLE? He ALMOST came up to me. I was at the other side of his corral.