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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

We have Internet again (finally!)

I'm sorry I haven't been around much lately.  Our Internet service has been so sporadic that frankly, I just gave up on it and fumed and fussed until hubby FINALLY set up another appointment yesterday for a tech to come and do what we wanted, which was to switch out our modem and check our lines.  So, we got a new modem and, when he checked the lines from the pole out back to the house, YUP...DUH...the service was "intermittent".  BUT...because he noticed it was intermittent, but it wasn't intermittent exactly when HE was online, we'll have to wait ANOTHER THREE WEEKS for a "maintenance" tech to come out.  SAY WHAT?...shaking head...I can't believe the CRUMMY service we are getting from Time Warner.  Pfffffttttttt, as our granddaughter Ellie would say!

We all went to the Living Desert Saturday for a members' breakfast (Jennifer, Ellie, me, James) and then our son, Claudia, and Ben joined us.  A good morning was had by all and Grandma was ready for lunch by 11:30!  Imagine that!  Our son wore his pedometer and said that while he was there, we walked 3.6 miles!  :-)  It was good to get out in the cool air.

Here are a few photos from our morning at the Living Desert Reserve in Palm Desert.

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