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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Last day of school for 2012

Well, I survived the last day of school for 2012!  I had 9 kidlets absent yesterday. I only had 21 kids and one went off to another class' party, so then I was down to 20!  Whoo, whoo!  We didn't do much work...just some math puzzles, a couple of crosswords, and a January, 2013 calendar so that they know WHEN to return to school. A mother brought in 31 cupcakes for the class, which was very nice. I actually get 3 weeks off, so the kids don't come back until January 14!  That's LATE AND we have a holiday the next Monday (Martin Luther King's birthday).  Then, we have 2 holidays in February and then spring break in March.  April will be L-O-N-G and so will May...but, then SUMMER vacation will be here!  Our principal was very kind and invited all the staff to a party at the Yard House in Rancho Mirage, so I went because a colleague asked me to introduce her to red wine.  I found a nice Pinot Noir for her.  A bunch of us ordered chicken lettuce wraps, which were yummy!  Then I walked over to the Ben & Jerry's shop to buy hubby some fudge nut ice cream (since he stayed at home) :-)  Here's my friend and colleague, Kelly, enjoying her Pinot Noir!~ And a good time was had by all!!!


cheyenne jones said...

Got to hand it to you, good way to end school!

Barb said...

Wow Cheryl, you've got a decent amount of down time. Are you going to the mountains? Give me a call and perhaps we can hook up.