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Friday, December 2, 2011

I'm LOVING the second graders!!!

Believe it or not, I'm LOVIN' the second graders and they have helped my class calm down quite a bit!  (Now I love them even more!!!).  And, I already have a new 3rd grade student, a girl.  Apparently I had her uncle years ago and when her mom asked who the teachers in 3rd grade were, and she heard my name, she demanded the girl go into my class!  WTH?  I now have 32 kiddos, NO AIDE, NO VOLUNTEERS, NO HELP.  Just me and 32 kiddos!  My lunch line stretches almost from my room to the cafeteria!  (for crying out loud!)  This afternoon, I made up my own lesson on patterns, using shape blocks, and the third graders helped the second graders and everybody SAT and made patterns and then drew their own and we all did math for nearly 2 HOURS today!  And, NOBODY complained and only 2 kids asked to go to the bathroom (a new "low" record!!!!) Nobody even asked about P.E. !!!   They were all busy working when the principal popped in (THANK GOODNESS!) and went home in a good mood...the seconds because they learned 3rd grade math, and the 3rds because ...well, just "because"....!!! So, we ended the week on a good note!  Photo is of the sunrise the other morning, as I was driving to work.  This was the day that the Los Angeles region had all that horrible wind!!!!  We here in Palm Desert were spared because we are actually sheltered from most of the wind that the Coachella Valley gets since we have a 1,500 foot mountain right next to us!

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Mikey said...

You are amazing!! That's an INCREDIBLE amount of kids. My hat is off to you!