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Welcome to my horse blog, Desert Horses. We live in the desert southwest, near Palm Springs, CA, but board our horses up in our local mountains where it is cooler in the summer. I have 4 horses, all rescues. Here is the ranch up the mountains where the horses stay.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Busy week ahead~~

I have parent conferences this week, which means that I'll be pretty much insane exhausted by the end of the week.  Last year I had bronchitis during conferences and I sounded like a frog!  This year...knock on wood...I haven't been sick, although the kiddos are coughing and hacking in class.  Hubby has also had some kind of flu for over a week now and he's still very weak (and cranky!).  He has been too tired to cook, so we went out to Mimi's last night.  We've just been having some cheese and fruit for dinner every night, and of course, HE has lost weight (not me, duh...)!  It's that time of the year and I expect some of the kiddos will take off early for vacation in Mexico.  We are already taking an extra week off school to accommodate those families who travel to Mexico to see grandparents, so I'll have 3 weeks off for winter break.  That means a couple of vacations and some extra horse time for me!  Here are some scenes from the horse ranch this past weekend.  There was still snow on the road along the way to the horse ranch, but I thought I'd include some color for those of you who already have snow.

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