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Thursday, August 9, 2018

The dog days of August are here!

The dog days of August are here.   My sunflowers are pretty much done.   There are only a couple of the prairie ones hanging on.   My squash is KAPUT.   Maybe over the weekend I'll go out and yank it all out.   It NEVER had any fruit.   Neither did my green beans.   We had the HOTTEST July EVER on record last month and even with all the humidity the past 2 days, most of my sunflowers and even some of my plants out front are dead or dying.   I'm looking now at a dead yellow daisy plant...sigh...One of my lavender plants out in the back yard is now dead, too, and believe me, I water twice a day!

So, I'm going to pull out the dead stuff this weekend and think about fall.   I ordered some seeds from Botanical Interests (non GMO seeds) and they should arrive any day.   I like their seeds.   They have an excellent sprouting rate and our local nursery, right up the street, carries them, too. 

I've noticed the beautiful light in the late afternoon, early evenings.  I hope it isn't just from the fires...sigh...I think I read that California now has 17 active fires?   There is a new one down in Ramona, which is 2 hours away.  JUST TOO HOT AND DRY.

Little Miss Ellie survived her first day (minimum day) of kindergarten and today she went a full day.   I'm anxious to hear how she did, although I did hear they got to go to the library.   Oh, and yesterday they talked about musical instruments.   She knows those because he mother teaches middle school band and she has often visited her classroom.

I'm driving her to school every morning now, so I get back home around 9 a.m. and my day starts then. 

Hopefully I will fill up a couple of trash cans with dead stuff (plants) this weekend.

Temps are no longer in the 110+ category, but, with this humidity, one still rushes inside.   Ugh.   It is HORRIBLE right now.  There is a hurricane down by Baja California and we are getting all the moisture.

Cheryl Ann

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