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Friday, May 25, 2018

Looking for a puppy

Well, hubby and I talked and we are now actively looking for a lab/mix puppy.   I found a rescue down in San Diego that has German Shepherd/Lab mix puppies and we've settled on looking at 3 of them.   Probably not until June 1, however, as I have some paper work to complete and I have to run out back and take photos of the yard and shade trees.   They also want photos of the house where the puppy will sleep.   You mean OUR BED?   Hmmmm....not quite sure how to do that yet. 

I'm excited over the prospect of getting a puppy, but also sad that Ripley is no longer with us.   I miss her a BUNCH.  I think even our indoor cat, Abby, misses her, but she hasn't come right out and said so.

I've washed off all of Ripley's sleeping pads..   She had 4 of them but preferred to sleep beside our bed or on the cool bathroom floor.   Remember, here in the desert, things do get warm, although we keep the house at 79 degrees this time of year.  We also have a HUGE mesquite tree in the front yard which shades the house and keeps it cool during the summer months.   We have a covered side patio, too, and 6' fences all the way around the yard.   I've raised 4 German Shepherds, 1 collie, and 1 black lab in this yard. Oh, and our son's Weimeraner for 2 years while he was in an apartment.   "Atticus" dug HUGE holes in the back yard whenever he could and sometimes I still forget they are there and fall into them!   He was SUCH a goofball!!!!   He was a good watchdog and would HOWL any time someone came to the door! 

My garden is still going.   The hollyhocks have been impressive this year.  I go out about once a week now and pull off the seeds.   I'm going to keep them for next fall and even plant some out front.   They grow nicely with the sunflowers.

Well, that's it for does go on.  The last 3 weeks (since Ripley's death) haven't been easy.  I still cry most days and I miss her a lot.   She was my buddy, companion, and best friend.

~~Cheryl Ann~~
P.S. Here's a peek at one of the puppies we are looking at (see photo below) She's a lab/German Shepherd mix.   Don't you just want to smooch that cute face?

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