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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Ripley 2007 - May 5, 2018

My black lab Ripley has passed the Rainbow Bridge.   We called a vet to come out to our house yesterday to put her to sleep.   We think she had a stroke a week ago and she was sleeping 23 hours a day and was extremely lethargic.  She had trouble getting up from the floor.   It was time.

As you know, this is NEVER easy.   I've lost 3 good horses and now my black lab.  She would have been 11 September 1 this year.  She was my companion.  It's strange how dogs seem to understand what we are saying.   She would perk up in the morning when I said, "Let's go feed the birds!"...she would bound outside with me.   Lately, however, she wouldn't even join me.  It wasn't fair to keep her alive any longer.

So, hubby and I talked last night.   I've always had a dog in my life, but we are going to take a break this summer and get a puppy (a MUTT) in August.  We have a completely fenced yard, actually with part of the yard as a dog area.  And, like I said, I've always had a dog.  One of my first memories is me sitting on the floor next to a cabinet in the kitchen with my parents' Cocker spaniel and sharing dog biscuits with her.   We've had 4 purebred German Shepherds and 2 collies who were a brother and sister.  We kept the male and gave the female to my grandparents in their later years and Heather spent many years keeping them safe and giving them some company.  Our own children would hold onto the collie's fur and toddle around the side patio.

So, for now, I will dwell in my memories of Ripley.   I got her free up at the Anza swap meet  nearly 11 years ago.   There were 4 puppies in a dog cage...2 black labs and 2 shepherd types, all siblilngs.  I picked her up and never put her down.  She came home with me that morning.

She COULD be a brat.   She always got into our trash until we humans learned that we couldn't leave her alone in the house when there was trash in the can!   She had a SUPER nose!   And, she was SMART!   I honestly think she was smarter than a couple of our shepherds.     She LOVED people, but wouldn't let another dog near me.   She was always fine at the vet's office, something that 2 of our shepherds hated.  And, she was fine around the grandkids.

We will all miss Ripley.   "Baby Doll"

Here she is in my garden out back last month. 

Miss Ripley among the silly...

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C-ingspots said...

I'm so very sorry for your loss. I too, have always had dogs and just can't imagine life without one. ((hugs)) I chuckled when I read your words of picking her up and never putting her down. That's how it was with my Ruby. :)