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Monday, August 8, 2016

Purging and cleaning

I've been officially retired since April 30th, which now makes it the beginning of my 15th week of retirement this week.  15 WEEKS!  My gosh!  WHERE did the time go?

I've managed to donate about 4 carloads of school stuff to charity.  I have about 1 more carload of stuff.  I got rid of old boxes of crayons, colored pencils, erasers, rubber stamps, books, books, and more books.  Boxes of pencils went, as well as composition books.  It was good to purge all that!

I still have stuff lined up in the hallway, however.  Frankly, it has been TOO DANG HOT here to even venture outside after 9:00 a.m. and by late afternoons, I'm too tired to drag myself out of the house.  This week, however, we have mornings down in the 78 to 79 degree range, so this would be a good week to get my last load of stuff to charity.

THEN, like Carson over at the 7 MSN..., I can start on the house.  Really?  I have 4 different dish sets of 4 plates each.  It's just hubby and I now, so WHY do I need 16 plates? I need to clean out our coffee mugs and donate a BUNCH of them.  Again, why do I have 20 coffee mugs?

I have managed to clean out the pantry.  And, I've made one sweep through my closet.  THAT resulted in 7 big bags for charity.  NO MORE skirts!  Ugh!  I bought skirt after skirt and then I didn't wear them because they didn't have pockets!   (...pulling out hair...)

We tend to hibernate during the summer months here in our desert because of the heat.  Really, WHO wants to go outside when it is 117 degrees?  Or 112?  Even 109 is unbearable.  By Wednesday, this week, however, it should be down to about 103.  I think I can deal with that!


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