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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Julian visit

So, Tuesday hubby asked if I wanted to take a drive that day.  OF COURSE!  We both had been stuck in the house for days, first getting the air conditioner replaced and then a couple of days after that to make sure it was working (it is, thank goodness!).

So, off we went.  He wanted to drive down to Julian to have lunch and check out a couple of houses on Air BNB.  Of course, his table wasn't working properly, so we never did find the houses!

We did, however, take a ride around town.  Julian is such a cute, quaint little town!  I found a couple of barns outside of town and took some photos of the Julian Bakery and Cafe, where we stopped for lunch.  We wandered over to the bird shop in town and I bought a new hummingbird feeder and an oriole one, since a big, beautiful male oriole stopped by the other morning.  (Of course he hasn't been back!)

 This old barn FINALLY fell down!  It is on the road outside of Aguanga.
 Farmer out plowing his fields...
 We drove out to Lake Henshaw.  Someday we'll take the grandson to the Palomar Observatory.

 Nice barn outside of Julian
 The town...If you go there, DON'T go on a weekend!  Too many people and no parking.

Cute town.  Lots of restaurants!

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Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I haven't heard of Julian before. I had to map it and saw a place called Hellhole Pines during the process. Ha ha.