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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Beyond Julian

Julian is a little country town in the mountains of San Diego County.  It is east of Warner Springs, east of Lake Henshaw, and east of Palomar.  It gets snow in the winter and has lots of quaint hotels, cafes, and shops.  It is an apple growing center and wonderful pies come out of Julian.  It is also the home of the California Wolf Center (which I have yet to visit...).

Anyway, after we left Julian, we traveled down the road to Lake Cuyamaca.  You can either take the road down to Imperial County, through the Anza-Borrego park, or go out this other road to the lake, on Highway 79.  We chose to take Highway 79.

We passed open meadow after meadow and then came to the lake.  I was surprised how full it looked.  And, after the lake, we came upon the area burned in the big 2003 fire.  There was also another fire down this way recently, because I remember reading about Lake Cuyamaca.  We found some nice picnic spots and campgrounds, but we continued until we drove into Pine Valley.  Pine Valley is a paradise among all the dry fields.  It was pine trees and is quite lovely!  Good horse country, too!  By then, however, I had been driving for 3 hours, so we walked through the market and turned to drive back home.  We saw 2 groups of wild turkeys near the road on our way back through Julian.  It was a long day and it took me 2 days to recover from all the driving!

Here are some pics:

 Lake Cuyamaca
 It even has a bridge!
 Another view of the lake
 Nice rock outcropping...lots of burned trees, however...
 dead trees
Lots of grassy meadows...

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