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Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Linda Carson, over at the 7 MSN blog, recently did a story about her Navajo rug which she bid on and bought:

That got me to thinking about the family spinning wheel out in the garage.  I put it there while the kids were growing up because I didn't want their little fingers caught in the wheels.  I need to go out there and bring it in, especially before this weekend, when temps will be in the 118 and 119, and finally 123 range!  YES!  It's supposed to be 123 degrees on Monday.  Ugh.  And, then, in the "teens" for the rest of the week and nighttime temps in the 88-90 range.  I'm NOT looking forward to that, especially when this week, I've been able to open up all the doors and windows each morning and turn off the air conditioner.

Anyway, this spinning wheel was handed down on my dad's side.  What's interesting is that I have a long line of Wheeler there, but I do believe it was from my Jelliff line.  They had a mill pond back in New Canaan, CT, and my dad's maternal grandmother was a Jelliff and there was a weaver in that family.  I'll get it out today and put it back together.  I packed it away many years ago, but I think it deserves to be back among us.

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Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Be sure to take pictures once you get it all set up. Should be "fun" dusting it off. Wear a face mask. I'd swear that I spend more time dusting off my sewing machines that I do sewing.