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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Idyllwild weekend

We have a family tradition now of renting either a huge cabin or several smaller ones for Memorial Day.  Last year we had 13 people in a large, 2 story cabin, but that was just too much confusion for the hubby and for me!  So, this year, 3 families rented their own individual cabin.  That was much more peaceful for us old folks!

Our son couldn't get away for the weekend, but he was able to take his family down to Coronado Island for 1 night.  Our daughter, son-in-law, granddaughter, and 1 month old grandson rented the large cabin with the full kitchen and they cooked breakfast 3 mornings.  We all ate there for dinner, too.

We rented a small cabin which unfortunately had steps going down to it.  That was really hard on my knees and hubby's.  Oh, and he fell out of bed one morning.  And, the shower was so small that neither he or I could turn around in it!  Oy vei!

We took our black lab, Ripley, with us because she gets separation anxiety and we were gone for 3 nights.  She doesn't eat when we aren't home and, at her age, I didn't wish to make it difficult for her.  So, we brought her and she was a GOOD GIRL!  She slept on her blanket and Saturday I went yard sale shopping and at the ARF (animal rescue foundation), I bought her 2 pet beds, a new, long leash, 2 bowls, and 2 new toys to chew on and destroy...all that for $15.00!  She enjoyed just sitting on the side porch grassy area and watching the blue jays and the squirrels.  She put up with 2 toddlers trying to pet her and pull out her hair, but she didn't enjoy the owner's boxer pup who only wanted to smell her butt!  BUTT DOWN and a growl...that was it.  I took her on nice, long walks and she really enjoyed that.

Here are some photos from our weekend:

 Fences up at the Silver Pines Lodge.  The lodge has 3 individual, large cabins, and some smaller attached cabins, as well as smaller rooms attached to the lodge.
 Thunderheads moving in.  No, it didn't rain...
 The toddlers are trying to escape!
 The fish pond...the toddlers and our dog enjoyed the pond.
 My favorite gate in town.
 Our black lab, Ripley, resting on her blanket in our cabin.
 This is how hubby chilled down our wine!~
Snuggle time with mommy and baby.

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Linda said...

Our church camp was up there, so I spent every summer at Camp Buckhorn. I wonder if it's still open.