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Monday, January 5, 2015

Getting my energy back! FINALLY~

I don't make new year's resolutions any more...why bother?  Pffffftttttt!

However, I WOULD like to shed some pounds and get back into a walking program, so last Saturday, I met our daughter, son-in-law, and little granddaughter at the Living Desert Reserve here in town.  Jennifer, our daughter, had her FitBit on her and said we walked 1.8 miles.  Well, I was there 45 minutes ahead of them and I walked around for an extra 45 minutes, so I'm sure it was WELL over 1.8 miles of walking I did that day!  YEAH!

I have all of this week for winter break, also, and so does our daughter, so we may go back there and walk again.  She lost 20 pounds on Weight Watchers and she does 5k runs (well, she walks with the stroller!).  She looks GOOD!  I'm proud of her.  Now, I need to lose MORE than 20 pounds, but that sure would be nice to get some muscle instead of just... FAT!  She cut out carbs and ALL alcohol for a couple of months and it worked for her.  Hmmmm....does that mean I have to give up my toast for breakfast?

The only thing I REALLY have to do this week is get my dog into the animal clinic for her booster shots.  I may just call the vet up in Anza, the mobile vet, and see if she's down here any day this week.  It would save me having to sit for an hour at Animal Samaritans.  And, her prices are just as reasonable...

Here are some pics from our visit to the Living Desert Saturday.
 I liked the plainness of this tree.
 A view of some of the palm trees there.
 Little hummer!
 I played around with this one in PicMonkey.
Nice view looking up Deep Canyon from the Living Desert.

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