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Tuesday, September 23, 2014


I see that another blogger is going PRIVATE.  I've considered that for a while now.  I just don't have as much to blog about anymore.

I haven't been up to see the herd in... 3 WEEKS! I'm either too tired on the weekend, or too lazy to make the 45 minute drive each way.  Or, to fight that darn twisty road...Plus, it had been just TOO. DARN. HOT.

Last Saturday our daughter had a do TERRA essential oils party.  NO WAY was I going to miss that!  I enjoyed it and ordered a couple more essential oils.  I now have OnGuard, Breathe, and their Citrus Blend.  I also have a diffuser.  I'm NOT getting a flu shot this year, but instead I'll rely on essential oils to get me through the cold/flu season.

Anyway, I did enjoy the arrival of autumn yesterday.  There was a nice breeze, temps were in the 90's, so I took the kids out for morning PE and we played 4 square for 45 minutes.

We WERE going on a trip to the eastern Sierra in October, but hubby cancelled it as I've already taken 2 days off school for sickness and I can't afford to take another 2 off in October for "personal time".  Oh, well...maybe we'll just drive up to Idyllwild instead, or go out to Whitewater Canyon.

Here is a photo of Bishop creek, eastern Sierra, last week:

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Grandma C said...

I just love your tree lined pathway photo! That is such a beautiful spot!