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Thursday, July 25, 2013

iPad class

I had to take a day off my summer relaxation yesterday to attend an iPad training class for school.  Every student in my district will receive an iPad this fall, thanks to a grant.  That meant that we (the teachers) have had to attend trainings this summer.  Yesterday was my second training.  The first one showed us how to basically become familiar with all the bells and whistles on the iPad.  Yesterday's training dove into PAGES, Keynote, and iMovie.  Those are some really powerful and interesting programs!   We had to create a Keynote presentation (it's like Powerpoint) on the topic of the Idyllwild fire.  HA~ That was an easy one to do!  Actually, though, now I'd like to finesse it and get it in decent shape.  We also had to do a 30 second movie for iMovie.  My colleague edited and presented ours and I'm going to have to think about how to use this program in my classroom.  I used some of my horse photos for my Pages presentation and I think it came out okay...I have one more training in August and that's it for the iPad training, so I'm going to watch some YouTube videos about each program.  Our instructor was VERY patient with each of us (I got behind when I left the room for a bathroom break and he moved on to Keynote!), but he patiently walked me through each step, so thank you, Dan!   :-)

Today I need to run errands here in the desert.  Our humidity levels are falling (thank goodness!).  It was so humid yesterday that from the time I left my front door to walk to my car, I was completely sweating!  Not good.

Oh, and I sat next to my good friend, Barb, from Pinyon and we'll be heading up to her place Saturday night for a BBQ.  She had some interesting photos of the mountain fire from Pinyon, especially some when they set up lawn chairs to watch it.  Pinyon Flats was on fire alert, but fortunately the fire never made it that far.  Still, it's a scary thing to watch your beloved forests go up in smoke and flames.

The horses didn't have a lesson Tuesday because, after nearly 2 inches of rain in two days, the ranch was just too wet and muddy.  I did, however, let Sunni out into the round pen and Gigondas out into the arena for some R&R.

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