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Saturday, June 16, 2012

At the park

I need to get some photos posted on my blog this morning because hubby will be moving them all to our portable hard drive.  They tend to get lost on that thing!  So, anyway, one morning last week (the LAST week of school, whoo, whoo!) I went to the park early.  I saw lots of interesting things like a heron stalking 3 turtles.  It turns out, it was going after some fish in the water right next to them.  The Canadian goose with the broken wing is still at the park (she's recouperating) and I found an interesting duck with a cotton ball on its head.  It turns out, several of my students go to the park and feed the ducks, so I gave them a baggie of duck food.  One little third grader wants to be a vet and she loves the duck with the cotton ball!  Now that summer vacation is here, I hope I run into them at the park over the summer.

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RoeH said...

LOVE watching ducks and geese.