Desert Horses

Welcome to my horse blog, Desert Horses. We live in the desert southwest, near Palm Springs, CA, but board our horses up in our local mountains where it is cooler in the summer. I have 4 horses, all rescues. Here is the ranch up the mountains where the horses stay.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

I'm a grandma again and my first day of retirement!

I took a day off school yesterday because our daughter called us to let us know there was a bed available at one of our local hospitals and she was taking it!  She called us at 6:00 a.m.  Hubby and I were there with her by 8:00 a.m.  Her husband had to work until 11:30, so he couldn't be there until that time and she didn't want to be alone.  And, yes, yesterday was my LAST day of school!

The little bundle of joy FINALLY came at 11:15 last night.  And, today is my first FULL day of retirement!

Two exciting events all at once!   :-)

We are driving over to the hospital this morning, so I'll be able to take photos.
~Cheryl Ann~

Monday, April 25, 2016

Had a good horse visit yesterday

I had a good visit with the horses yesterday, but it was too windy to take ANY of them out of their corrals!  A low pressure system is moving in and it already blew over our fence between us and the neighbors to our east.  It also blew over our trash cans which were empty.  The ones full of trash are still standing, however.

This is the second MAJOR wind event this spring. The first one blew over one of our 25 year old eucalyptus trees and when the tree fell over, it broke our water line to the house.  AND, it took out our front fence.  Now this one has demolished the fence between us and our not-too-friendly neighbors.

Anyway, ALL the horses were shedding and Quad looked like something on a feedlot.  He was pathetic.  I brushed him first and he looked like a new horse!  (photos to be posted later today)... Gigondas was next, then Scout, who had hardly any piles of hair, and then big, woolly Sunni.  They all just stood and sighed as I brushed them.

I can't WAIT to be able to spend more quality time with them, but I do have a grandson on the way...maybe by the end of this week!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

I'm counting the days!!!

I'm counting the days until retirement.  Only 9 more days of school left.  I have a whole week this week, then 4 days next week...whoo, whoo!  I cannot wait!

We'll be having a new grandson by April 29 (if not sooner).  Our daughter is scheduled for inducement on that date, so I'll be taking that day off.  I had a feeling this baby would come before May 5th, so that's the reason for my early retirement.

I'm going to school today to do some heavy duty cleaning out of my room.  And, no, I didn't get up to the horses this weekend, but with retirement so close, I'll have PLENTY of time soon!  


Just some photos from last weekend:

 pretty cactus
 Gigondas awaiting her treat
Pretty wildflowers

Monday, April 11, 2016

Pacific Crest Trail hikers spotted

I was cruising along early Saturday morning when I spotted a group of Pacific Crest Trail hikers off on the side of the road.  The trail crosses highway 74 near the 74/371 turnoff at Paradise Corner.  Highway 371 goes down into Anza and then I catch Highway 79 to Temecula.  Or, if you drive straight, Highway 74 goes to Mountain Center and then you catch the road to Idyllwild.  Paradise Corner has a nice restaurant which welcomes hikers, horseback riders, and bikers.  It is a pleasant place to stop, visit, and have a hot meal.

Anyway, I did a U-turn and asked them if I could take a couple of photos of their group.  They were very accommodating.  I wished them luck and we went our separate ways.  I believe they said they started their hike on April 2, which would mean it took them a week to get to this location.  I often stop here and leave fresh water for the hikers.  I remember last was over 100 degrees at this time.  Fortunately, this year it is much cooler.  We've had 4 days of rain, but the skies should start to clear tomorrow.

From here the trail goes near Idyllwild.  Then it goes down Mt. San Jacinto, crosses Interstate 10, and goes up by Whitewater Canyon before continuing on near Mt. San Gorgonio.  From there, it is open desert.  Ugh.

Then, on the way back home, I spotted a lone male hiker at the same location.

Good luck, hikers!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

And, the hits just keep on coming! :-(

More bad news.

Our insurance company, Safeco, was absolutely wonderful.  We already got our insurance check for the tree, fence, and broken water line.  It couldn't have been smoother.

We decided to severely trim the other eucalyptus tree, which was on our east side of the house.  Should IT go down, it would fall on the neighbor's house.  We don't want that.  So, it now stands, but the top half of it is gone.  That's a good thing.

While our gardener was here yesterday, hubby asked for an estimate on trimming the cottonwood tree in our back yard.  He bought that for me 30 years ago.  Well..............................................................

It turns out it is full of bees!   :-(
It will cost $$$$ to have a bee keeper come out and yes, KILL the bees because nobody can trim it with bees in the tree.  Then, two weeks later, it will have to be completely cut down.  Half of it is dead (we can see that) and it has some kind of disease which is oozing out of it.


There goes our insurance refund AND our tax refund.  Poof!  ALL GONE!   :-(  And, a sizeable amount of my savings.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

I'm on standby for now...

Things are pretty slow around here right now.  I didn't get up to visit the horses AT ALL during my spring break last week because we had a 23 year old eucalyptus tree blow over in the horrible wind and it not only took out our front fence, but it also broke the main water line into our house.  I woke up at 5:30 the next morning to find our front yard covered with water!  Eh?  Did it rain?  Nope...the back yard was dry.  I didn't even hear the tree go down!

So, we had to get a plumber out to redo the pipe after we called the water district to shut off the water.  We spent 2 days WITHOUT water in the house.  Fortunately, hubby ran out and bought 20 gallons of water, but we both didn't have a shower.  And, fortunately, it wasn't too hot!

So, our 6' wooden front fence is now completely gone, the tree is now cut into pieces, and the front yard has been raked a dozen times.  Each time I rake it, I rake it into the huge, massive hole that was left from the water main leak.  It still isn't level, but it is almost there...sigh..

I had NO days to go up and visit the herd.  I feel badly about that, but I only have 4 weeks until I retire FOR GOOD!  WHOOPIE!  Then, I'll have free time.

In the meantime, today we are getting the other eucalyptus tree severely trimmed back because if it falls down, it will go into the neighbors' yard, and we don't want that. I spent every day of spring break cleaning up the front yard and moving furniture onto the side patio.  A neighbor of our daughter's came and helped me for 2 days and the gardeners were busy, busy, busy.

I can't WAIT to retire!

What a mess!  Fortunately, our insurance company was very cooperative.  Thank you, SAFECO! :-)