Desert Horses

Welcome to my horse blog, Desert Horses. We live in the desert southwest, near Palm Springs, CA, but board our horses up in our local mountains where it is cooler in the summer. I have 4 horses, all rescues. Here is the ranch up the mountains where the horses stay.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

More Arcadia photos!

Let's see....the first one is of the barns at Santa Anita. We went on the "Seabiscuit tour" three times. Heck, my grandfather used to wander around there when the great Seabiscuit was really AT Santa Anita! I used to go there as a kid when my great-uncle, Earl, was a trainer. Now 'ya gotta take the tour. Hmmmmm..... Anyway, I digress. The next one is the fountain and pretty flowers. I always enjoy going back to Santa Anita and seeing the horses! These two were out being schooled. Oh, and the peacock? No. There aren't any at Santa Anita, but they ARE right across the street, in the "Rancho" home area, where I grew up. We used to get peacocks in our yard all the time! I used to feed them as a kid. Isn't he pretty?

Bored! Nothing to do!

Okay. I admit it. I'm bored. It's raining, so I can't go see my horses. I've mowed the front lawn, weed wacked the back 40, and now I'm bored. Nothing to do. Paid the bills (ugh!). Washed 6 loads of wash. I know! I'll post some of my FAVORITE photos of Arcadia, CA, where I grew up! That's Clocker's Corner, at Santa Anita. Those are a couple of horses out exercising, and the last one is a pretty horse who is being schooled.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Year Ago!

Okay. I admit it! The weather was SO BAD this weekend, that I didn't take any photos! After a HORRIFIC rainstorm yesterday, the corral was full of water and we didn't even want to slosh through it. So, we fed "THE HERD", gave them hugs, and did errands. I know! I'm a BAD HORSE MOMMIE! And, another storm is already sneaking in and 3 more are off the coast, out in the Pacific Ocean!!! Maybe it is time to post some spring flower pics? Anyway, the "3 amigos" are Gigondas, Beauty, and Sunni! The 2 little fillies are Scout and Cali! These photos are from last winter. Notice how light Scout is?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Gigondas and Scout

Well, I worked both Gigondas and Scout today. They are the two most difficult ones. Sunny is easy. He's a good boy and wants to please. Cali is easy going. Beauty is calm. Scout is...the challenge. Her little wheels in her head are ALWAYS going and she's usually 2 steps ahead of me. I have to constantly be aware of her and where she is and what she is doing. She is very curious, though, and she has never tried to bite (unlike Cali!)...

Anyway, Dad had Gigondas down in the arena today and I worked her with the long rope. She still doesn't like to do anything but run full out and I need to keep working with her on "walk", but she's getting it! YEAH! Finally! Scout, on the other hand, is a HANDFUL! She wants to go where SHE wants to go and if you are in the way, TOO BAD! I did manage to get her up to the round pen and TRY to work her today, but the neighbor's two dogs were barking loudly and she just stopped and threw deadly glances their way, so I decided to not press my luck! Some other time, Scout! I managed to get her back into the corral without her bolting and running off (phew)! She is emerging as the herd leader and she really wanted to get back to "HER herd"!
The first 3 photos are Gigondas. Scout is in the bottom one. Dad and Gigondas like to stop and visit "the herd". We have Gigondas in her own corral and pen because she was beating up on Scout and we decided to separate them.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Our OTHER horses

Now, Cali can't hog the camera ALL the time! Dad took the previous set of photos, so I decided to take some after my long encounter with the rake in the corral. Phew! That wore me out! The big red horse is "Gigondas", the LOVE of Dad's life! No. I'm NOT jealous! Gigondas was found on the Internet, on a feedlot up in WA state, days away from being shipped to the LAST FEEDLOT before slaughter. She is a thoroughbred. Dad always wanted a "big red" horse. HA, ha! I found him one. She took one look at him and fell in love! She tolerates me, but LOVES him! (go figure!) She does have some issues and we are working with her on those (she doesn't like her ears touched, but she's getting better). We just love her to pieces!
Then, there's Scout and Sunny. Scout is one of our 2 year old mustang fillies! She is already the ALPHA horse and bosses Sunny and Cali around! Hmmmm......
That's Dad with Scout, Cali, and Sunny. We have Gigondas in her own pen. She WAS the alpha mare, but got into some little snit fits with Scout and we decided to separate them. Now, maybe it is time to separate Scout from Cali and Sunny as she relentlessly chases Cali off her food. Any ideas or suggestions?
Yes, that's Cali hogging the picture again! Dad is giving her a friendly rub! She is a sweetie pie!

Sunny afternoon

Yes! It was cool but sunny day up at the horse ranch, so what else does MOM do, but decide to rake up HORSE POOP? Cali was a BIG HELP! She gave me lots of moral support and a few strange looks. Maybe it was the wind, but she was a bit skittish today! Isn't she a cutie pie, though? Even if she DOES eat the other horses' tails!!!!

More desert photos!

There's a coyote, a little Fennec fox, a Mexican wolf, and Reno, the Living Desert's mountain lion. Unfortunately, Reno passed on last year, but he lived to be 19 years old! Oh, and that's one of the leopards taking a "sun nap"!

The Living Desert

We are fortunate to live in the same city as the Living Desert here in So. Calif. We have often taken photos there. Here are some of my favorites!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sunni and Scout and Gigondas

Of, COURSE, I didn't forget to get pics of our OTHER HORSES! DUH!

Here they are!

more Cali photos

I just HAD to add this one!

I call it "Look mom, I'm facing you!" She is SUCH a sweetheart! I LOVE HER! (even though she did chew Sunni's and Scout's tails!)

My day with Cali

Well, it SURE is nice having a day off school! A WHOLE day to spend with my horses! YEAH!

So, I cleaned out their corral, brushed them, and then decided to take Cali down to the arena. She needed to run around and kick up her heels! I took her over to the ties and brushed her some more. Then, I took her through the double ties and over the rubber mats! Ooooohhhhh lalala!!~something new! She did very well! The rubber mats didn't seem to bother her. So, down to the arena we went!

I let her go and she ran off, kicked up her heels, rolled in the dirt, and had a great time! She actually seemed to enjoy the arena (she usually just stands around and lollygags)! See the pictures of her running? It is so good to see her have SOME ENERGY!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Our dog meets THE HERD!

Well, it FINALLY happened! Our German Shepherd, Rommel, met THE HERD! We've been taking him to the vet up the hill lately for treatment of his mange problem, which was misdiagnosed by our vet down here in the desert. Apparently the treatment that they wanted to start him on would have actually WORSENED his condition! Thank goodness for small-town, old-fashioned vets, who STILL do their own lab work!!! Anyway, even though he has lost some hair, his eyes look normal, his facial hair is growing back, and he is showing signs of life! He was pretty dull and lifeless with his demodectic mange.

So, here are some pictures of Rommel with "The Herd". Also, please note Sunni's teeny tiny tail, thanks to Cali, the palomino. Hmmmmm.......Also see Scout's little tail.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Tailless horses! Thanks, Cali!

Okay. Bad news. Cali is eating the other two horses' tails during the cold nights. I guess she gets bored and cold. Sunni looks AWFUL! See the before and after photos. And Scout LETS HER DO THIS? HUH? Where's the Scout we have all grown to love? The one who can freeze you with a single look? They both look PATHETIC. I've also included a photo of "THE BRAT", Cali, who STILL has a nice, long tail herself!!!!