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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Flu and traveling

Hubby and I don't travel much anymore.  First, we are both on fixed incomes.   Second, the price of gasoline has been SO DARN EXPENSIVE that we can't afford to travel.   Third, with Bodie now, we just don't wish to travel with him and face the possibility that he escapes. Fourth, I have to babysit at least a couple days mid week.   So, we stay home.

And, you know what?   I'm okay with that.   Hubby worked for the Marriott corp for 18 years and we did a LOT of traveling all over the Southwest.   Now it is our turn to stay home.   I enjoy watching the birds out my window, I enjoy my gardens in the front and back yard, and I enjoy staying at home, working on my handmade journals and sewing.  We also both enjoy our visits with the grandkids.   I take the first grader to the library a couple of times each month, when she gets out early on Wednesdays.  We do other errands together.   It's fascinating to view the world from a 6 year old's point of view!

So, we are ... content.   I think that is the best word to use to describe us now.

I have hollyhocks, sweet peas, sugar snap peas, and even sunflowers blooming in the back yard.  We actually got RAIN here 2 nights ago.   It wasn't even in the forecast and surprised everyone.   I only had a little bit of birdseed left in a bag outside (fortunately).   Cats weren't too happy about it, though!

Be safe, keep well.   We are on day 18 of our flu and we are both coughing a lot less (thank goodness!)

Cheryl Ann ~~ Our youngest grand child.   She looks just like her daddy!   :-)

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