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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Does ANYBODY blog anymore?

Does anybody blog anymore?

Does anybody CARE?

I look at my readers' feed and there are very few active bloggers.   Al, over at Travel with the Bayfield Bunch blogs on a nearly daily basis, and Carson, over at The 7MSN, blogs a couple days a week, but there are very few others. 

I've tried to contact people whose blogs I've followed and they have either disappeared off the face of the planet or their blogs say, "You don't have permission to view this blog"!   EXCUSE ME?   SAY WHAT?   I don't get it...

I know a lot of people are on Facebook now (I am...), but I still like the ability to write more than a few sentences once in a while.   I like to keep up my thinking and typing skills...ha~

I realize I don't get out and take photos like I used to and I DO miss that.   And, it's kind of ironic, since I now have the TIME to do so, but not the desire.  I'm using a whole tank of gasoline a week to drive the kindergarten grand daughter to school every morning and after that, I come home and eat breakfast and take a nap.   That's my morning routine now.   I have little time, money, or energy to drive ANYWHERE.

Any comments?

Some recent photos:   Sunflowers up at Oak Glen...


Denise inVA said...

Hi there, I am still blogging. I find myself unable to do Facebook. I have tried but it just isn’t for me. Not sure why. Your flowers are really pretty. Sounds like you are very busy with your granddaughter. That’s great and would take me in a different direction. Enjoy the rest of your week. It is real cold in my part of the East Coast.

Allison said...

Yes, they do. The RV community is particularly prolific since they're going places and seeing things to photograph and write about. I'm still blogging, but since we're not traveling at the moment, it's somewhat boring. We bought a house, so I talk about the house. If I don't write things down, we don't remember them, so I write.
It sounds like you have your hands full at the moment with offspring.