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Friday, June 15, 2018

NEW puppy! Meet Bodie!

Hubby and I had planned a 6 day vacation up to the eastern Sierra and by golly, we were gonna do it.   So, off we went last Friday for a stopover in Bishop, then 4 nights in a pet-free cabin in June Lake.


Along the way, we stopped at the Inyo County Animal Shelter.   We both have been looking at dogs there.   They always seem to have some BEAUTIFUL ones!   So, we walked in Friday afternoon and went up and down the row of dogs.   I liked a 3 year old Australian cattle dog, but hubby stopped and was looking at a 6 month old lab mix (same coloration as Ripley), whom I had passed by because it was too painful to look at him.   But, hubby hovered.  He liked him...A  LOT.   Bright eyes, eager, friendly, very mellow.   So, we adopted him on the spot.   We couldn't take him to the cabin and he needed to be neutered, so he was neutered Monday (and given his rabies shot) and we picked up Bodie on our way home Wednesday.   I told hubby (it was a 7 hour drive home, 5 hours from the shelter) that I would DRIVE, but HE had to take care of the pup.   Turns out, Bodie slept on his lap almost the entire way home.   I only made 1 stop, in Adelanto, for a potty break.

So, the little guy (with LONG legs) is home now and settling in.   He sleeps on our bed at night, and sometimes he is on top of the cat!  He squiggles and wiggles and has completely taken over our bed.   He does wake up about midnight and he is awake for a couple of hours (me, with him!), but then goes back to sleep about 5 am and sleeps until about 7.  I can live with that.   He LOVES chasing and retrieving balls and we play catch every morning.   He's so mellow that our outside cat, "Mr Gray" just ignores him.   He is used to cattle, rabbits, etc...having lived outside for 6 months.   But, he IS getting potty trained and will go sit by the porch door when he wants or needs to go out.

Here is a photo of me with him at the shelter:

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