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Monday, December 18, 2017

Projects, projects, and MORE PROJECTS

I haven't been sitting at home doing nothing...nope, nope, nope!  I've been busy!

Well, first, hubby has had a HORRIBLE cold and cough now for 2 weeks.  I finally shoved him into the car and took him to urgent care.  OF COURSE it is a virus, so he wasn't given any antibiotics.  He hasn't been this sick since the last time he had pneumonia!

Then last Wednesday I came down with a sore throat.  Now I've got a full blown cold and I'm going through boxes of kleenex!

I got tired of making journals and I discovered a gal on YouTube who made a mixed media art journal, so I watched her 13 videos and made 2!!!  Why not?  I worked on one while the other one was drying.  It was fun!  Then I got sick and I haven't worked on anything for days.

My next one, however, will be about the Tudors and Saturday I went to the local library in the next town where they have black and white copies for... 10 cents!  and color copies for... 25 cents!  Can you believe it?  And, they are nice copies!  So, I found 2 books and stood and made copies until I ran out of quarters (and I had QUITE a few in my purse!).   If I'm up to it, I'll return tomorrow with a couple of books I checked out of my own town's library and make copies there.  THEIR copier is 65 cents for color copies and I don't remember the black and white charge!  WHAT A DIFFERENCE!

I DID complete one art journal and only have 3 pages left in the other one.  I'll take some photos today and post them.  It's too dark right now!

Linda Carson of the 7MSN is retiring in 15 days and I wish her a ...

She deserves it!

Oh, and I SOLD a journal and a bag of fabric in my ETSY store!  I was shocked!  It went to a Facebook friend in Arkansas.  Whoo, whoo!  I MIGHT list one of my art journals there...I'm just not sure yet...Please DO stop by and take a look!  I just reopened it in October, after closing it for 6 months.

Oh, and I now have over 40 videos on my YouTube channel.  Please also stop by there and take a look around!  I am now, however, VERBOTEN from doing any more until hubby can figure out why I used so much data last month on our cell phone plan.  I make the videos and just upload them to YouTube....does the uploading take ALL your data?  He had to purchase an extra GB of data last month and HE WASN"T HAPPY!!!!

Anyway, do pop over and take a look there, too!

Have a great week!  I'm making sugar cookies with our daughter on Wednesday (if I'm over this cold by then).  We put a lot of different toppings on them, but my favorite is the lemon curd.

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