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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Natural History museum

Yesterday our daughter, son-in-law, 2 year old granddaughter, and our nearly 7 year old grandson and I drove into Los Angeles, to the natural history museum.  Grandpa Art didn't go as he has a back issue right now (severe arthritis).  He elected to stay home and rest.

We left about 7:30 here in the desert and arrived there about 9:45.  We got a convenient parking space and headed into the museum, which had just opened at 9:30 a.m.  Good thing we got there early!  By noon, there was a line out the door to enter!  We had it mostly to ourselves all morning!

The kids had a blast and the grandson was busy READING (yes, he is reading!) nearly every sign there!  They have a lot of hands-on exhibits for kids, and he was busy touching those.  He got to watch a scientist working in the dino lab, he got to touch replicas of fossils, and a coyote skin, and touch crystals.  The two year old just RAN everywhere!  She's high energy, FOR SURE!

I bought him some nice presents in the gift shop and let him take home a dinosaur tooth replica.

It was a fun, but exhausting day!

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