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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Nursery visit

I'm slowly buying a few plants every weekend to add to my garden out front.  It was dormant all summer.  I now have daisies, lavender, purple salvia, red salvia, snapdragons, and a couple of things that I don't know their names.  I have yellow, orange, red, and blue and purple flowers.  I like to see some color in the winter because I sit for HOURS every day, at my computer desk, looking out into the front yard, and it would be nice to see some color.  I'm focusing on plants that don't need a lot of water.

So yesterday I went to visit our local nursery, which is just up the street from our house.  It's been there 40 years and is family-run.  It backs into a canyon at the end of the street and there are quail, hummingbirds, finches, sparrows, and even a couple of crows that live there.  There are a LOT of hummingbirds there!  I only wish I could get better photos of them!  They fly so fast!  I love to go up there on a weekend morning and just walk around with my camera.  The staff is pretty indulging.  I've been up there often enough and I buy enough that they don't bother me.  And, yesterday, I saw two vintage WWII planes fly right overhead!

I came home and planted the 5 little plants that I bought, but I'm thinking about returning today to buy more snapdragons.  The hummers really enjoy those!

Here are some photos from yesterday:

 I did manage to get this hummingbird photo!
 Cute johnny jump-ups!
 This is the canyon.  People hike on the trails above the nursery.
 Tacoma stans
 Another hummingbird.  I had my camera set at 1/200th of a second, but that was too slow to capture the movement of its wings.
Vintage WWII planes that flew overhead.  There was some kind of exhibition in Palm Springs yesterday.

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sandy said...

When I lived in Alta Loma - I use to enjoy buying plants all the time. I had a really cool yard - set up with flowers and several different sitting areas. Once we sold I stopped buying plants but I miss it SO much. I can just imagine the joy you get planting and caring for them and then to have such beauties to photograph. I enjoyed your photos - just think when u retire how much time you will have to do this!!