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Friday, July 24, 2015

Vet visit

I sent my mobile vet an email last week asking her to come out and give the herd their shots and to check their teeth.  So, she came Wednesday afternoon.  Sunni and Gigondas have good teeth and don't need any dental work (phew!).  Quad can wait until Christmas break to have his filed down again, but Scout and Lucille were in need NOW!  All were good about their shots (including Sunni, who was "worried" for a while, but couldn't resist my female vet and her assistant!)  He's SUCH a ladies' man! :-)

Fortunately she did Lucille first.  Lucille frankly loved all the attention and was a GOOD GIRL!  We've noticed that she is dribbling her food and taking FOREVER to eat it.  But now, she has nice, smooth teeth!  NO hooks!
Scout, OF COURSE, was another story!  It took the vet about 15 minutes to get the sedative into her and that was the FIRST one!  Yes, she needed two!  The second one took about 25-30 minutes!  She backed up.  She nearly reared.  She got circled and circled in her corral and FINALLY the vet was able to get the second shot in her.  By then, she was so wobbly she could hardly walk.  I actually felt sorry for her!  But, she got her teeth done!  Turns out, she still had her wolf teeth, which the vet wasn't too happy about, but she came last summer, so she could have caught that then.  So, Scout took a LONG time.  The vet tried to remove them, but one was so close to the artery, she just decided to file them down.  She'll have to check Scout again during Christmas break.

I'm glad this got done before I head back to school in a couple of weeks...ugh...
I LOVE my vet!  She's very gentle, relaxed, and has a soothing voice with the horses.  She's also young.  She assisted Lady, our German Shepherd, when she passed over the Rainbow Bridge.

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Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I wonder if she still had her wolf teeth because of that reason -- the artery. I'm glad you've got a good vet. I like mine a lot, but she's already of retirement age and I worry I may lose her soon. She used to do both dogs and horses, but retired from working with dogs. Now she brings assistants with her to do the horse vetting and directs them while they do most of the work.