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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Morning chores

Well, both of the former feral kittens are now out of their cage.  I let the 2nd one out this week and he/she is still hanging around the yard.  The other one reappeared (probably hungry) after 3 days of freedom.  He will now come to me and allow me to touch him!  He has imprinted on our neutered gray cat, who is too FAT to walk too far out of the yard and follows him around constantly.  I suspect they even sleep near each other under our big Chinaberry tree!  I know they spend a lot of time in the garage together.

This morning I hosed off the porch (YES! quickly as I could) because it was covered with tiny fire ants after their food bowls.  I set up a table where they can now eat and it has some steps up to it.  This will also prevent the DD (damn dog) from getting their food and water.  DD has the run of the front and back yards and this morning she chased the black & white kitten up into the pine tree.  Oh, what FUN!  She got down and disappeared into the neighbor's yard (behind us).  They will all learn to get along, but I DO need to keep the dog out of their food!

This is my LAST weekend before the end of school next Friday (June 12th).  Believe me, the countdown is ON.  I kept the kids busy yesterday with a 7 page packet of work, including cursive writing and times tables practice.  I think I'll do another packet for Monday.  Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are half days, and those will be "game" days.  I have lots of games for those 3 days and I'll have to thoroughly clean my room, so some can also help me.

We're going on vacation soon after school Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico.  I CAN'T WAIT!


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I don't envy you having to deal with those final days of school. Did I tell you that the district ran out of money and had to shut down the elementary school where my daughter works? They forced all the teachers to box up and move out before the end of the school year, so they were struggling to teach in empty classrooms without supplies.

Cheryl Ann said...

That's horrible. We currently have 750 kids and my school is getting 6 portables in October. We are also an alternative school for autistic kids, so their classes might get moved to the portables, which will be on our field. 5 more days to go...sigh...It has been a difficult year and last year was horrible, too. Frankly, I can't WAIT to retire!