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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Birds, ants, and kindergarten...oh, my!

Hubby and I have been trading back and forth some kind of yucky stomach virus and I got it yesterday.   Now, NOTHING is supposed to interfere with me driving Miss Ellie to kindergarten, but I did leave about 10 minutes later than usual.   AND, I was unable to pick her up for early release Wednesday so I called her mom and told her she would HAVE to do so!   So she did. 

I'm enoying watching all the birds out front at the feeders, but the little verdins go through a thistle sock of food A DAY!   I left and returned from driving Miss Ellie to kindeergarten this morning and the darn sock was... HALF EMPTY!   Little buggers!   If we didn't have so many of them, I wouldn't even put it out, but we do, so I do.  I heard and then saw our neighborhood woodpecker yesterday so I put out some fresh oranges for him this morning, but I THINK he liked the ants crawling all over the old slices, so I also left them up.

Gotta run some errands today...I have books to return to one library for the 5 year old and I'm going to the one in my town to check out 10 more for her to read!   She is learning to read some words on her own now and she wants to be read to... EVERY NIGHT!   I think this month she's had 75 books read to her!   WOW!   That's pretty good...and now the 2 1/2 year old brother is catching onto this reading thing. 

I'm going to try to work on some journals today.   I sold 3 this week, so I need more for my shop.   Don't forget to stop and take a peek:   ETSY shop:     So far I have 4 Christmas journals and I'm going to make a 5 ring binder next week.   Here are some pics:

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