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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Hubby is HOME!

I brought hubby home yesterday (Monday).  He finally finished his last round of tests and was cleared to be released (THANK GOODNESS!)

He does have Bradycardia (low heart rate) and a slight blockage in his left artery.  No pacemaker needed at this time.  Phew!  We drove over to our son's to see the grandkids decked out in their Halloween costumes, then home.  We got home at 8 p.m.  That's twice now I've driven Highway 74 at night.  It sure is pretty driving through Anza.  I can see stars there that we can't see here from home (too much light pollution).

Today he had to go out and buy dinner because I was dizzy all day.  I'm not sure if it was the stress or if I just had a virus, but I'm headed to the doctor tomorrow (with him and then my own appointment).  It was pretty bad.

That's all for now.  Will keep you posted.  Ripley is glad to have us BOTH home.

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