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Thursday, April 7, 2016

And, the hits just keep on coming! :-(

More bad news.

Our insurance company, Safeco, was absolutely wonderful.  We already got our insurance check for the tree, fence, and broken water line.  It couldn't have been smoother.

We decided to severely trim the other eucalyptus tree, which was on our east side of the house.  Should IT go down, it would fall on the neighbor's house.  We don't want that.  So, it now stands, but the top half of it is gone.  That's a good thing.

While our gardener was here yesterday, hubby asked for an estimate on trimming the cottonwood tree in our back yard.  He bought that for me 30 years ago.  Well..............................................................

It turns out it is full of bees!   :-(
It will cost $$$$ to have a bee keeper come out and yes, KILL the bees because nobody can trim it with bees in the tree.  Then, two weeks later, it will have to be completely cut down.  Half of it is dead (we can see that) and it has some kind of disease which is oozing out of it.


There goes our insurance refund AND our tax refund.  Poof!  ALL GONE!   :-(  And, a sizeable amount of my savings.


Barb said...

There is a couple in the area who will safely remove bees and rehome them. I'll email you with their contact info.

Cheryl Ann said...

That would be wonderful!