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Friday, May 9, 2008

Joe's blog May 9, 2008

Friday, May 9th... The morning journal today is dedicated to the following:Destiny VazavezAlia YahNahomy VasquezChristian VillafanaEmilySebastianHenryJeremiahMonicaMonesha ClaggettRobert BazuaAngel DelgadoKevin LeonLivetteOlivia VasquezLizabeth AndradeHenry ToribioMerieneiana ArriagaJesusIramMrs. Cheryl Dean - teacher at Valle del Sol Elementary School in Coachella, California. Her 3rd Grade Class.Not much money in the town of Coachella. These kids have very little. Yet they collect cans and bottles, turn them in for cash, and then send the money to help horses in need. The kids write Cathy and I letters, complete with drawings of horses and barns.And so today I dedicate my morning ramblings to the 3rd grade class in Coachella. Horses are universal. Your e-mails this week prove how horses are loved all over the world.

Yes, this is my class! Third graders from one of the poorest cities in California, yet these kids have opened their hearts to horses and horse rescue! They bring in water bottles and soda cans from home. One little girl goes to the park behind the water district, where she dances Mexican dances, and searches through trash cans for cans and bottles. Another little girl looks for bottles and cans in her neighborhood. Their teacher drives her new car ( a Honda CRV) to the park on Saturday and Sunday mornings and pours through trash cans! Then, she drives down back alleys looking for cans and bottles. I BEG teachers to save their soda cans! I asked parents for their bottles and cans during our Cinco de Mayo festival.

WHY? To save the life of one or two horses, if possible. Life is precious. I learned that today. Our STUPID DOGS knocked the screen off our bedroom door and our cat, Patches, was left alone to fend for herself with the dogs. I came home and, in horror, saw the screen door down. I thought Patches was gone! I was sure of it! I could visualize the dogs chasing her out of the bedroom. I poured her food into her favorite bowl, hoping that would entice her out from under the bed. No Patches. I called her. No Patches. I finally got down on my hands and knees and searched under the bed for her. She FINALLY came out! Then, I realized that I was crying. Life is PRECIOUS. Any life. An unwanted cat. (Patches had been left on her own at another ranch for 2 years and had to fend for herself.) An unwanted horse. THEIR LIVES ARE PRECIOUS and should NOT be thrown away. EVER. Eight Belles was precious. I'm still trying to figure out how and WHY she died at Churchill Downs.

Now, go hug your horse(s).

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Sage Gray said...

All life is wonderful, my thanks to any one that takes in an unwanted animal, or makes anykind of a donation to help those that are unwanted. If we all would help maybe there wouldn't be animals left to fend for themselves.